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  • When will I get the beats I order?


The beat that you order will be available immediately via e-mail and also at check out including all track outs in a zip file if you order premium, unlimited or exclusive.


  • What format are the sounds in?


The format for the sounds are high quality WAV and MP3 depending on your order.  Track outs will include a full track of music tagged with the beats per minute.


  • What if I need something else that is associated with this track?


If there are other ideas, edits, and pieces that you need to a particular track please contact me via e-mail or phone.  Music is a creative process where communication is key. 


  • What are the licensing options for tracks?


On the homepage there is link to all licensing options directly below the beat store.  Here is a link as well.  


  • Can we collaborate on a project?


Please contact me via e-mail, or phone and we can work out further details.    

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